Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/26/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: First Reads - Bids, Contracts, Agreements
Type: Info
Subject: 6.2 Letter of Agreement with Kagan Professional Development (First Read)
Strategic Plan 2018-2023:
GOAL 2 (Each Student) Ensure success for ALL students, regardless of background
Policy: IGA - Basic Instructional Programs
Provide Name(s) of Attachments: Kagan Letter of Agreement
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Kagan Letter of Agreement.pdf
Provide Background Details and Rationale: In order to support Culturally Responsive Teaching and the AVID collaboration components, Park Hill elementary schools will participate in learning about collaborative learning structures from Kagan.
Research indicates that social interaction activates the brain, one reason why is because students in a cooperative learning group are more motivated to speak and feel greater support. By establishing cooperative learning structures classrooms become a safe place for students to share their ideas providing an environment where students increase critical thinking and engagement. Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures support building a safe learning environment through the use of team and class builders in order to lower stress levels in the classroom and increase intellective capacity. Kagan further supports a classroom where students build positive interdependence by incorporating social skills needed in schools and the work place, creates individual accountability where each student is accountable for learning and participation, emphasizes equal participation to help eliminate dependent learners and finally, supports simultaneous interaction where more students are participating more frequently.

Research supporting cooperative learning structures are evident in Kagan, Culturally Responsive Teaching (Hammond), and AVID. AVID notes the following: “A collaborative classroom is an intentional environment in which collaboration and social development are infused into academic content. In collaborative rich classrooms, student collaboration goes beyond conventional cooperation and compliance, as students become invested, caring members of a learning community. Collaboration is essential for student success, as it entails experiencing the challenges and opportunities associated with diversity of perspectives and working styles, which can deepen metacognitive thinking, accelerate learning and broaden perspective.”
Provide Funding Source and Estimated Cost: Title II and 905
Estimated Cost $46,000
Legal References
Name of Persons(s) Submitting Agenda Item with Title Dr. Jasmine Briedwell, Director of Elementary Education
Presenter(s) if Presentation Anticipated
Recommendation: It will be recommended at the April 16, 2020 meeting that the Board approve the Letter of Agreement with Kagan Professional Development, as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Dr. Jasmine Briedwell - Director of Elementary Education
Signed By:
Dr. Jeanette Cowherd - Superintendent