Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/24/2021 - 6:30 PM
Category: Business and Finance
Type: Action
Subject: 5.6 Approval of Receipt of May 2021 Treasurer's Information Report
Strategic Plan 2018-2023:
FINANCIAL - Sustainability
Policy: DI - Fiscal Accounting and Reporting/Accounting System
Provide Name(s) of Attachments Treasurer's Report May 2021
File Attachment:
2020-2021 Treasurer's Report (May 2021).pdf
Provide Background Details and Rationale: The May 2021 Treasurer's Information Report represents a year-to-date accounting of revenue, expenditures, and investment income through the end of May 2021. Comparisons are made between the budget and actual receipts and expenditures.

The Board Treasurer and the Business Department work closely to keep the Board and community apprised of district finances. This information is updated monthly.
Provide Funding Source and Estimated Cost:
Legal References
Name of Persons(s) Submitting Agenda Item with Title Sara Marrant, Accounting Assistant
Susan Bartlett, Accounting Coordinator
Dr. Paul Kelly, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Technology
Scott Monsees, Board of Education Treasurer
Presenter(s) if Presentation Anticipated Dr. Paul Kelly, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Technology
Recommendation: It is recommended that the Park Hill Board of Education accept receipt of the May 2021 Treasurer's Information Report, as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Dr. Paul Kelly - Assistant Superintendent - Business & Technology
Signed By:
Dr. Jeanette Cowherd - Superintendent