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Meeting Date: 1/26/2023 - 6:30 PM
Category: Bids, Contracts, Agreements
Type: Action
Subject: 5.8 Approval of EAB Global, Inc. Superintendent Leadership Forum Membership 3-Year Program Purchase
Strategic Plan 2018-2023:
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EAB 3-Year Program Order Form (Dec 2023-Dec 2026).pdf
Park Hill Membership Extension (March 2020).pdf
Provide Background Details and Rationale: The Education Advisory Board (EAB) is a national research forum to provide superintendents and their staff access to research, data and best practices to address current issues in education.

Superintendents play a key role in the process by participating in the superintendent leadership forum to identify current issues in education that will undergo an extensive research process. The Park Hill School District will use this service to expand access to current educational research and to identify replicable and proven strategies. The superintendent’s forum, comprised of innovative K-12 educational leaders throughout the nation, work collaboratively to drive school innovation and enhance district performance to elevate the success of all students.

The EAB Superintendent Leadership Forum includes complete and unlimited access to the following services:

Strategy and Best Practice Research Studies
Executive Briefings
Annual Superintendent Roundtable
District Leadership Summit
On-Demand Research
Dedicated Advisor
Access to Our Experts
Annual Webinar Series
Private Webinars
The District Onsite
Online Research Database
Provide Funding Source and Estimated Cost: Superintendent Dues and Memberships Fund
Year 1 = $27,913 ($26,413 + $1,500 Adm Expenses)
Year 2 = $28,441 ($26,941 + $1,500 Adm Expenses)
Year 3 = $28,980 ($27,480 + $1,500 Adm Expenses)
Total = $85,334
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Name of Persons(s) Submitting Agenda Item with Title Mike Kimbrel, Superintendent
Presenter(s) if Presentation Anticipated Mike Kimbrel, Superintendent
Recommendation: It is recommended that the Park Hill Board of Education approve EAB Global, Inc. Superintendent Leadership Forum Membership 3-Year Program Purchase, as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Opal Hibbs - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Board Secretary
Signed By:
Dr. Mike Kimbrel - Superintendent